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My Plan of Attack

In the market for a copywriter, need results but don’t know where to begin? Someone you can count on,  who listens and understands your business and maybe even your values? I know your busy; you don’t have time to babysit. Who does? That’s where I come in, I take notes, listen, and do research, and lots of it.

I understand your busy, and that’s why I have put systems and procedures in place to keep things moving along smoothly and keep you updated every step of the way. You will find me easy to talk to, reliable and fun to work alongside.

Contact Preferences and Communication

We need to have open communication at all times.  I prefer email, its quick and easy to check between writing breaks.

I am available usually Monday through Friday. The best contact method is

Initial Contact and Project Phone Consultation

To get started with a project, I will send over a creative brief or chat via phone. Either way, this will help us both clearly define the goals for the project moving forward so I can do my best work for you.  I will send it via e-mail, and you will need you to complete this as soon as possible. I like to see them back within one to three days tops, so we can keep things moving along.

After I have looked over the creative brief with your answers, I will look over your website, and any other forms of marketing materials you may have. Then we can schedule our phone consultation and go over the creative brief together. I usually like to have between 2-7 days from the time I receive it. The call will be between 15- 30 minutes, depending on the project.

Following our call, I will draft and email you an agreement once we have decided on specific elements of the project.

 Investment and Project Start

The agreement will contain all the details of what I will deliver, including the project deadline. I do require 50% of the total project fee to begin. Clients like to pay via PayPal or bank wire, and the details will be in “the agreement.”

Once the deposit has been received, and you have signed the agreement, my work begins.


The next stage of the project involves an extensive research process. Again depending on the scope of the project, this can take some time. It could be a week.  I will want to see your current marketing materials and go over your website in detail.

From there, I will research the market and your major competitors. I may want to speak to past clients, customer service, sales team members, as well as owners.  As needed I will reach out to you for any additional materials, information, or product samples I may need further my research. Don’t underestimate the importance of research.

Communication And Collaboration During The Process

This step is very critical to the success of the project. I need to know your preference for communication throughout the project. Are you hands-on and want to check-in every couple of days, or would you prefer to hand me the project and check-in at first draft?  Don’t forget I will need the names and contact information for all team members I will be working with on the project.

Please let me know whether you would like to talk via phone or email, or even text.

First Draft Review

Depending on the project size and scope, I can usually have the first draft between 10-20+ days. Once you receive it, you will want to look over it carefully and send it back with possible changes marked. You will also want to make sure everyone involved reviews it as well.

Once I get the first draft back, I will look it over and make changes. That is usually a 2-5 business day turnaround. If at any time I feel a suggestion is not in your best interest, I will say so, and let you know why. I understand these are your clients and will do my best to do what you ask. If I still think it could hurt your bottom line and goals, it may be best to do a split test and let your market decide.


Ok, so there may be some things you would like revised. No problem. I allow for two revisions. Mark the changes you want, send it back to me and let me work on it for you. Please give me 2-7 days for the appropriate changes and to fine-tune things. Most clients find one revision is enough, but I will work with you to make sure you’re pleased.

Final Draft

Once we get to this stage, I will submit the final draft for your approval. I need you to confirm your approval with an e-mail.

I will invoice you for the remaining 50% of the project when I send over the draft. The invoice is due upon receipt. I will always respond promptly to you and give you the utmost respect I  hope that you will do the same with my invoices.

NOTE: in most cases, a final copy is sent over to a designer for formatting. I highly advise you send me a PDF of the final version so I can double-check it. I want to make sure that any graphical elements added have ONLY enhanced the copy.

If I see anything that could be distracting or hurt your response rates, I will let you know. Of course, I will be happy to work with your design team to make sure the final version is the best it can be.


I will check in with you after the project is completed to see how the entire project went.  If you have another project in mind, we can also consider it at that time.

I hope this information has been helpful, and I look forward to working with you.

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