About Lisa

Hi, I’m Lisa,

 I’m a Resort & Luxury Real Estate Copywriter.

How’s that you ask? Great question, I have been licensed in Real Estate since 2004, and I have loved the business of luxury property, resort/spa for a very long time.

“Resort and Second-Home Property Specialist.” at your service! I also have the RSPS certification from the National Associations of Realtors®.

Since I have a love of Real Estate, luxury property, Resort/Spas, and travel, I have found the perfect niche all wrapped up into one big and exciting industry to write about and work.

I have been your client and will always be your client. I know the B2B lingo as an agent and the B2C lingo as a customer and client.

I have spent my entire career writing Sales brochures, E-mails, Sales ads, Web copy, whether it was salon/spa copy, or real estate and travel. I can get excited about your industry.

Whether it’s buying a beach dream house or condo or renting the perfect getaway for the next family vacation, it’s an exciting venture for you, the agent, and your clients.

Have a copywriting need? 

If you’re looking for a highly trained

Direct Response Copywriter, in your industry, keep reading.

I write compelling, persuasive, and engaging sales copy.  I want to help you tell your story, make more sales, and be your clients go-to for all their Resort and Real Esate needs.

If you need help with growing your business, I can help in any of these areas.

  • Marketing Email and  Landing Pages

  • Web Copy

  • Marketing Materials  & Updates

  • Consulting

  • Agent Bios

Let’s Talk 

What’s it like working with me?