Need More Leads… Sales… Customers?

Need a Copywriter with “Real” Business experience that  can transform your marketing message into sales?

Your business is about making your clients happy while boosting your sales. You need a copywriter that understands, and gets your clients excited to buy because they trust you as an industry leader right?

I can help you get your message to your intended audience.

You also need a highly trained persuasive copywriter who can communicate with your clients on a personal level. Communication is critical in today’s market.

As you know, business jargon and overly complicated talk can turn clients off fast.  So using a copywriter who is well versed in talking to them like a friend and not a salesman is also vital.

If you can have a sales page that isn’t salesy, and conversational it will let them get to know you, and most of all… like you and want to do business with you. I can help you with that too.

I have many years of business sales experience along with Direct Response Copy training from some of “The very best in the industry.” I have also been writing my own copy for… Well, a very long time.

You also need a copywriter with industry experience

I work with small to midsized companies in the Real Estate, Building products, Health & Beauty Industry, and yes even Travel. An interesting combo I know, but…

I have spent nearly 35 years in these industries as either a business owner, an educator or consumer, working b2b, or b2c. And I love them all!

“This” also gives me a unique understanding of both the buyers and sellers of services and products.

My specialized training in Direct Response Copywriting, Web, and Email Copy can help you get ahead of the pack.

If you REFUSE to get left behind…

You need the expertise of a Direct Response Copywriter.

Need Help?


You need to move your business along and surpass ALL the competition

When you hire me, you can leave all the worry of what to say behind. You will be free to focus on the part of your business you love most. I will focus on the part of your business I love the most…

Helping you make more sales with fun, catchy, and engaging copy.

Together we will, fine-tune your online marketing, engage your customers, and increase your sales all at the same time.

Ready to get started? If you are, I’m here to help.

I’m Ready!

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